What is New You in 52?

Throughout my life I have worked to achieve different aspects of health. The more that I learn, the more that I realize there is to learn. It can be overwhelming, even for someone who is already a healthcare professional or doctor like myself. The great thing is with simple communication and a basic outline for … Continue reading What is New You in 52?


Week 52: Live Committed

We did it! It has been a fun year full of challenges and overcoming. I am so excited that we completed these changes/challenges. I hope that you have used each week to better your life the way that I have. This week is something that we will need to continue through the beginning of the … Continue reading Week 52: Live Committed

Week 48: Find, Reconnect or Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

This week is a very important week in that it offers the inspiration of community. Finding, reconnecting or connecting deeper to a like-minded group or church is a great way to lift your spirits throughout this holiday season. Creating a solid foundation of a relationship with others that you feel connected to is very important … Continue reading Week 48: Find, Reconnect or Connect with Like-Minded Individuals