Week 1: Eliminating Negative Thoughts

For the first week of the New Year, we are going to start to work on eliminating the most toxic ingredient in life possible! This aspect to our lifestyle is detrimental, dis-ease & cancer causing and more. It is the one thing that countless people struggle to give up and has been ingrained in many of us since childhood. We are going to start with this first since it will most likely require reminders and continual work throughout the year. Week one we are going to eliminate negative thinking, programming and doubt!


One of the most impactful things I have learned from my mentors in chiropractic & life is abundant living.  I am talking about reprogramming old patterns that no longer positively serve me & continuing to let go of what has held me back from achieving what I dream. After the chaos in life I have experienced, I would definitely not be where I am today if I didn’t learn to LET GO, think positive and utilize self-affirmations.

Looking forward with positivity and working towards that goal/dream is what I wake up for every day. It is just a matter of what that purpose is for you. For me it is being a better mom & partner, a more refined & impactful chiropractor, a published author, a health advocate for society and much more. Your story and purpose will be very different from mine.

According to Louise Hay in her best selling book of over 40 million copies, she relates that 90% of what we experience physically, also through sickness & dis-ease, is all due to stored & unresolved emotional conflict within ourselves. This is very much coming more to the light of healthcare professionals & doctors in America. Even the most main stream doctors many years ago recognized this truth that has long been expressed in eastern medicine. Today it still is a popular researched subject. Environmental causes of our physical expression in health as well as sickness is a very impactful reality that has drastically changed and saved lives.

Overall with negativity… purpose will remain hidden in the clouds. Letting go will allow grace to guide you to what is meant to be. Overall, try catching yourself in any negative thought pattern. Examples would of negative self-chatter include but are not limited to: “What were you thinking?”, “You are so stupid.”, “You don’t deserve that.”, “There is no way that would work.”, “You are always going to be poor, struggle, be ugly, feel fat, be too skinny, limited, lost…….” The list can go on if you let it. So this is the time in life where it stops. Work on this week one and all weeks along this healing journey!

Check on www.lovelifechiropractic.info for more information on The New You in 52 as well as a blog to participate in and ask questions. Best of luck to you in this new, abundant year!


Some great resources to help:

DVD’s – Ambition to Meaning (Dr. Wayne Dyer), The Secret & What the Bleep?!

Books – You Can Health Your Life by Louise Hay, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Depak Chopra, Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Many of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books




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