What is New You in 52?

Throughout my life I have worked to achieve different aspects of health. The more that I learn, the more that I realize there is to learn. It can be overwhelming, even for someone who is already a healthcare professional or doctor like myself. The great thing is with simple communication and a basic outline for learning, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! With a gradual program with changes that support the way the nervous system is designed to handle permanent change; a life can be transformed drastically without extended effort or struggle.

Since making the choice to become vegetarian at the age of 19, I was on a quest to find out where true health comes from. I was also a chubby girl most of my life despite being active in over 3 sports as well as my social life, watching what I ate and even more. Now I know my curves come from a love of dark chocolate and not staying up on all the levels that brings true health, healing and a high quality of life.

I have done about every “diet” that exists. I choose to be vegetarian for 12+ years of my life, vegan for over a year of that. There was even a time I was working towards becoming a raw foodie but then I got pregnant so remaining vegan was challenging with morning sickness & finishing graduate school. I ate a Mediterranean diet while living in Spain, gluten free, low carb and every other form of eating you can think of throughout my life. Overall, no matter what someone wants to call it or label it as… what works time & time again in health and even healing cancers is a plant based diet. This is a daily food intake that primarily focuses on fruits and vegetables in various forms. If someone is ready to jump straight into this kind of eating, then it will eliminate most food additives, harmful ingredients, dyes and more automatically. However, for permanent, lifelong change to occur most people stick to it if it is done in stages & cycles. This program will gradually get you where you need to be in health while allowing you to educate yourself on why you are making new choices.

One thing that I want to clear up is the word “diet”. Diet is simply what we eat. It is our daily food consumption whether it is fruits and vegetables, chocolate or fried chicken. We choose what we eat therefore we choose our diet to be similar or different every day. Every day is a different day to make smarter choices and make life improvements. That is the main focus of this program!  Each day is a different day to make change! Even as a doctor, I fall off the wagon from time to time. Sometimes it may be weeks. Sometimes it may be months to a year or so. Either way, this program is in honor of all of us that are wanting continued health and life progression but need a push, a partner and some guiding steps along the way.

So, welcome to “New You in 52”! In 52 weeks of this upcoming year, I am going to offer options of positive life changes week by week. Most of the changes will be related to diet, however many will be focused on overall health, well-being and positive reflection in life. Mind. Body. Soul. It is a chance to start over permanently, learn, grow, heal and change. It is a great opportunity to see how our outside decisions in life drive our internal being and the overall health & function of our bodies.


I am also excited to build a local & online support network to help anyone along the way. There is power in numbers and this is a great way to start. Be sure to add yourself to the group on Facebook as well. We welcome you and anyone that you know wanting to make a change to join this wonderful, healing program that will be guiding us in health through 2017!


2 thoughts on “What is New You in 52?

  1. Thank you for starting this. I’ve been needing to makes changes and it’s so much easier with support. I love your Facebook posts so I’m super excited to read your blog!


    1. Thank you, Melissa! I am very excited to start this journey to help others in ways other than through chiropractic. Obviously those I serve through chiropractic & my family are my main sources of inspiration so I am beyond happy to finally be putting this all into motion! I hope you enjoy the journey as well and let me know if you need anything 🙂


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