Week 3: Breathing


For the first week of the New Year, we started the work on eliminating the most toxic ingredient in life possible. Negative thinking, programming and self-doubt! We will continue to revisit this throughout the year. Last week, we started label reading to be more aware of what we put into our bodies as well as what chemicals versus whole foods that we are consuming. Keep this up through week 3. We will add onto this in later weeks.

For week 3, we are going to practice deep breathing and allowing silence in our life. Many of us can’t get a moment break. With this being our way of life, breath shortens, stress builds and feeling overwhelmed & taxed is the end result. Shoulders end up close to the ears with defense posture. Aside from a wonderful chiropractic adjustment to help your body release this built stress, it is key to breathe to reduce and even remove stress from the physical system.

The best way to breathe is deep through your nose for a slow count of 5, hold it for 5 seconds and then breathe out through your mouth taking 5 more seconds to exhale. This is a great exercise to start your morning, on your way to work or while stuck in any traffic, on a break or at lunch, before bed and especially when you start to feel yourself get stressed or in an argument. There are many times that breathing completely changed the situation at hand from going to bad to worse to resolved peacefully.

Breath is life. Breath is sacred. With breath comes oxygen into each of our cells. The more oxygen we have, the less dis-ease can manifest in our bodies. Oxygen is vital for us to live and to remain healthy. One great exercise I have been doing with breath is recognizing the giving and taking relationship between us and trees. We take the oxygen they put into the atmosphere and turn it into carbon dioxide and then they in turn do the opposite by taking carbon dioxide and turning into our necessary oxygen. We create a balance together. As I drive to work, I look at the trees on the way and take deep breaths in and out as I clear myself in preparation for serving through chiropractic adjustments. I connect with nature and my breath. It is very healing and great for letting stress go.

If you want more information about how to breathe properly, be sure to sign up for our upcoming breathing workshops. Breathing should come innately to us however stressed has un-programmed this over the years. It is a great idea to have a reminder and see what it feels like to be connected through your own breath!


Books – Somato-Respiratory Integration by Dr. Donald Epstein, The Breathing Book by Donna Farhi, Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing

DVD – Relaxation & Breathing for Meditation

Website – http://www.freemindfulness.org/download


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