Week 6: Spend 30 Minutes in Nature a Day

We have continued to eliminate negative thinking, label reading what we eat, recognizing the importance of breathing, add positive affirmations into our daily lives and eliminate high fructose corn syrup (fructose as well) and dyes from our diet. This week we are going to add onto breathing. This week we are going to allow ourselves to sit in silence for 30 minutes a day, preferably in nature out looking out into nature. If you live in the country or with beautiful nature surrounding you, this could be a simple drive with no music. This could be a brief walk on a trail or in the woods. This could be sitting in your back yard looking at the trees with no distractions. You can create this to be what is logical, attainable and reachable for your life circumstances.

While you are in nature, practice breathing in your nose and out your mouth. Take in all the beauty and effortlessness before you. Look at all the colors, contrasts, patterns and textures. Hear the sounds surrounding you as well. Notice how the trees are a continuation of the same pattern, thus meaning that it starts from trunk to branches and branches to smaller branches with even smaller branches to twigs. As the tree grows, it continues this pattern and process. This is a great example of sacred geometry in nature.

One thing I have been recently reminded of if that nature functions without mental boundaries, with least effort and in abundance. It does what it can to survive and thrive without any attachment to the end result. Animals also repeat this in nature. This is all an innate way of existence. As you are in nature, see the effortlessness. Notice the abundance of beauty and variety.

This is something that is practiced my many successful people over time as well as people spiritually connected to God. Nature is our purity and gift from God. In my opinion it is one of the fastest, closest and best reminders of his omnipotence. From all the people that have practiced this over time, they have reported a significant change in their anxiety, depression, immune systems, mental processing & clarity, improves memory & cognitive function, overall health, inspires creativity and more. Are these enough reasons to just take 30 minutes a day?!






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