Week 13: Acceptance

We have gotten to a point that our list is too long to keep listing each week. Congratulations! That is how far you have already come and how much you have already accomplished in 12 weeks. This week, we are going to add acceptance. This can be a very broad task yet specific at the same time.

Acceptance means the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group. It also means allowing things to be just as they are. Accepting the adequacy & suitability into our lives no matter what. Accepting the lack of control or power to how life unfolds sometimes. Now this doesn’t mean that we like what happens or lay down like a dead dog. What is does mean is that for some reason known or unknown, things are just as they should be. We may learn why later or we may never know, however allowing things to just be is clearing to the mind in allowing better focus on what to do from there. We have to trust.

What we are going to work on this week and continually in life is accepting things in life just as they are. Having the faith that they are perfect as they should be whether we like it or not, whether it makes sense or not and even whether it is easy versus hard. Acceptance in my life has allowed me to heal myself more than anything that I have tried combined. All the hardships that I have endured all happened for a reason. Most of the time with acceptance, I do learn the reason of why however even if I don’t, I know that it happened to create growth, lessons learned, expansion of my heart in love and much, much more.

Accepting the responsibility of how we react to life as it happens is another part of acceptance. If you get in a fight with a loved one, are stressed over bills, are not enjoying your job or just don’t feel like you have direction in life… many times looking at our responsibility in any given situation can give clues to how you can now make a better choice. Also, responding with anger, desperation, sadness, depression or similar emotions is a decision on how we react. It is choice. Like attracts like and if we respond in any way that is not what we want in the long run nor expect from others in our lives if the tables were turned, then we can in no way expect a positive outcome with self-resolution.

Because I have a deep personal experience within the subject of acceptance, I would like to share it with you. I talk about it often only in hopes that my life experience can do something uplifting for them in return. Sadly, I had to accept one of the hardest things in life. Losing my daughter, Sophia, was the hardest thing that I have ever had to come to terms with in life. What made it more challenging in my eyes is that what cost her life, wasn’t a choice I wanted or made. It was actually something I was against and knew things would turn out exactly as they did.

However, the decision that was made would have been made by most people due to programming and fear. I knew better due to my education as a chiropractor as well as countless hours of extended research as well as talking to natural based resources. When Sophia was 2, we were living in Spain for 8 months at that time and she was diagnosed on an emergency basis with PNET brain cancer. So, to make a long story short, chemotherapy offered her 4 new inoperable brain tumors when she was 1 point away on the cancer marker scale from being cancer free. This was also over several months’ period where she had no new tumor growth which was shocking to the oncologists in the first place. I knew as a natural based primary care physician already that addressing the causes of her cancer was the only way to heal her. Not with poison and toxins tested on Jews in World War II.


Sophia survived about 3 few months after we stopped chemotherapy thankfully due to continuing DNA therapy, chiropractic care, ketogenic diet, 43 supplements a day, other eastern healing arts and more. However, 3 weeks before turning 3, she transitioned to be with God. As you can guess, this would leave any parent devastated. I can honestly say the thought of it alone can and will never compare to the real-life reality and numbing yet excruciating pain that one endures with such sudden emptiness in life. This was where I had the choice of acceptance or denial. I choose to accept the unthinkable and unlivable in many ways because I had to be responsible for what happened from there for the sake of my oldest daughter, Eva. She needed me still and I didn’t want to live in misery and without hope after all that had happened.

All I felt in ways as Sophia had cancer was misery and hopelessness. I was sure to cherish every moment and think positive with inspiring affirmations throughout the whole process, however there was still underlying despair and fear for her losing her life. If I didn’t accept to live, then I needed to accept to die. I chose to live. I chose to accept and focus on the positive things that were going to come from having to go through such heartbreak. I had faith that for as much heartbreak I endured and would continue to feel throughout life with missing her, that there had to be the equivalent in love coming my way. And there has been. By continuing to live my life’s purpose as a mother, a life partner, a chiropractor, a daughter, a friend and a servant to humanity… I have filled my life with abundance and understand the blessing behind all that happened. Of course, I would give anything to have her back, but I have to accept things are as they are.

It is our responsibility if we choose peace & happiness in life that we react in the way that reflects peace & happiness. We need to create the internal environment within ourselves if we hope to surround our life with the desired goal, emotion or outcome. Acceptance in life as mentioned above is the quickest way to find peace, happiness and purposeful resolution. Have a blessed & purpose filled week!








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