Week 14: Eat More Raw Foods

We have gotten to a point that our list is too long to keep listing each week. Congratulations! That is how far you have already come and how much you have already accomplished in 13 weeks. This week, we are going to add more raw foods into our daily eating.

Recently on my holiday break, I binge watched some fantastic documentaries on Netflix. Many of them were food & health related. One important fact leading to proper cellular healing as well as white blood cell production was based on daily raw food consumption. Research had shown that those that consume a diet of 49% raw food and 51% cooked food had cells that were not properly healed with heightened potential as well as the white blood cells were not formed with full potential to fight off dis-ease & infection. However, a diet that is the reverse of that or greater consisting of at least 51% raw food at each meal lead to heightened cellular regeneration and health therefore fighting off more dis-eases, infections and even cancer! raw-food1

Eating at least 51% raw, drinking water before consuming anything else each morning and one other fact we will get to in coming weeks have really altered my health drastically with the start of this new year. I have lost and kept weight off despite having moments of “cheating” with buffalo chicken wings and a few sweets. I feel drastically more energized, less weighing me down intestinally and much better at digesting as well as eliminating. I have also clued into my cravings a bit more and understood where they come from and how I can adapt to them for my body’s needs versus desire.

To start, just begin consuming more raw foods in any fashion through the day. Whether it is eating more fruit/raw veggies, a salad or making a raw food meal or dessert is a great start. With time, start to increase the percentage each week to day. If you rarely eat anything raw now, then start by eating one raw thing each day and then go from there. If you feel you eat a decent amount of raw foods to start, then work on the overall percentage and see how you can improve on that.

We will work towards being at least 51% or greater raw food consumers over the week and most importantly, maintaining that rate. If we fall of the horse for a day or so… we always have the option to get right back on the next day.

Pinterest and other online websites offer great raw food recipes. I will include a few good links below under “Resources” as well. Some of my favorite raw foods include berries, raw nuts/seeds, bananas, cucumbers and greens. Salads and fruit is a fast way to consume raw foods, even on the go. I will also put some general links on the safety and purpose behind raw food eating. Please note, we are working towards what is best for you… not completely raw food, vegetarian, body building or anything of the sorts. Drastic things don’t always mean health and usually never long term changes. We are working towards life-long changes in time.

Good luck this week! I know that each week we are all closer to a more whole, happier version of ourselves! Happy eating!!












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