Week 17: Drink 1/2 Body Weight in Ounces of Water

We have gotten to a point that our list is too long to keep listing each week. Congratulations! That is how far you have already come and how much you have already accomplished in 17 weeks. This week, we are going to start drinking at least half our body weight in ounces in water.

Aside from continuing to drink water before putting anything else in the body first thing in the morning, continuing to drink water to hydrate each cell throughout the day is crucial for health and overall wellbeing. It is also crucial for the mind body connection. People that are properly hydrated tend to have less brain fog, less depression, less bad cravings, eliminate better and have better glowing skin. There are countless benefits to drinking water!

We want to do half our body weight in ounces. This is a great general guide to make sure that we aren’t drinking too much water to over flush our systems. Drinking too much water is much harder to do than not drinking enough. However, it is good to have a measurable goal when it comes to drinking water and also one that is specific to each individual. If you are wanting to detox a bit more as well as drop a few pounds, then drink over half your body weight in ounces. Many times just upping it to half the body weight, people will see results within weight loss.

Remember, water is water. It is not coffee, tea, a drink powder mixed with water or anything of the sorts. The only things that are permitted to be added to water and still be healthy is lemon, limes or other citrus as well as herbs, cucumbers or something whole foods for a bit of flavor. It is also important to have a pure water source. Often tap water contains traces of medications, chlorine, fluoride and other harmful toxins. Reverse osmosis water is the best water source in the area I live in where as if I owned a distiller, I would distill my water.

The reason I do not recommend bottled water or distilled water from the store is that it is stored in plastic bottles/jugs that push plastic particles known as phthalates into the water. Now, we have something else harmful in something that should be healing. Phthalates, aside from dis-ease, have been known to cause premature development in kids (especially in young girls and breast development as well as first menstruation). My family has two non-BPA, 5-gallon jug that we take and fill up. I use this water for soups, drinking, boiling pasta and so on. I do anything I can to avoid tap water. We are also in the process of getting 2 shower filters for our home. Considering the skin is the largest organ, it absorbs water like a sponge in many ways. So be sure to check your water source and provide yourself with a good one.

Best of luck as you continue this transformative journey! I know that each week we are all closer to a more whole, happier version of ourselves. Give yourself a hug or pat on the back for all your weeks of hard work!













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