Week 19: Nap or Rest 20 Minutes Each Day

This week I want to review all that we have accomplished in almost 5 months now. We have continued to eliminate negative thinking, label read, recognize the importance of breathing, add positive affirmations into our daily lives, eliminate high fructose corn syrup (fructose as well) & dyes from our diet, sit in silence within nature for 30 minutes a day, set goals in our lives, eliminate preservatives from the diet, practice forgiveness, offer an attitude to gratitude, drink a glass of water each morning before we put anything into our bodies, offer more love to others in our life, eat more raw foods, let go of preconceived ideas, be impeccable with our word, drink half our body weight in ounces of water, made a personal mission statement and this week we are going to start resting for 20 minutes a day.

Resting can be simply sitting silently for 20 minutes. It could be laying down and setting an alarm to take a power nap. It could also be meditating for 20 minutes. However, you prefer to spend this 20 minutes, the key is to utilize it as a reboot. It is a down time for reflection as well as rejuvenation for the day. This 20 minutes can give you the extra time to destress as well as breathe through any troubles you may be having. Many times, it can become what helps you not only just get through but successfully get through your day.

There are a few main pillars of health. A fully functioning nervous system (regular chiropractic care) is number one considering our nerves run everything in our body and will until the day we die. The remaining pillars are nutrition, exercise, toxin elimination, positive life outlook and proper rest. Proper rest is not only sleeping the appropriate hours each night for healthful function, but also finding time to rest throughout the day. Ideally we should take a few 20 minute breaks throughout the day, however if all we get asides from bed time is a 20-minute break each day, then that is enough to change our day for the better in many cases.


According to science, power naps can alleviate our so-called sleep deficits, but they can also boost our brains, including improvements to creative problem solving, verbal memory, perceptual learning, object learning, and statistical learning. They help us with math, logical reasoning, our reaction times, and symbol recognition. Naps improve our mood and feelings of sleepiness and fatigue. Not only that, napping is good for our heart, blood pressure, stress levels, and surprisingly, even weight management.

This week, be mindful of how much your rest. Give yourself 20 minutes each day. If you combine it with sitting in nature, then way to healthfully multitask. Best of luck as you continue this transformative journey! I know that each week we are all closer to a more whole, happier version of ourselves. Give yourself a hug or pat on the back for all your weeks of hard work!








http://www.drbradjacobs.com/meet-dr-brad/6-key-pillars-healthy-living  (#5 is also chiropractic!)


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