Week 21: Don’t Take Anything Personally

We have gotten to a point that our list is too long to keep listing each week. However, this week I want to review all that we have accomplished in over 4 months now. We have continued to eliminate negative thinking, label read, recognize the importance of breathing, add positive affirmations into our daily lives, eliminate high fructose corn syrup (fructose as well) & dyes from our diet, sit in silence within nature for 30 minutes a day, set goals in our lives, eliminate preservatives from the diet, practice forgiveness, offer an attitude to gratitude, drink a glass of water each morning before we put anything into our bodies, offer more love to others in our life, eat more raw foods, let go of preconceived ideas, be impeccable with our word, drink half our body weight in ounces of water, made a personal mission statement, rest for 20 minutes a day, eliminate sugar & sugar substitutes and this week we are going to not take things personally.5e8ea01a91fb802045b65a1a1c473323

This week’s change is number two of the four in the book, “The Four Agreements”. The first agreement we started working on already a few weeks ago. That agreement was to be impeccable with our word. The second part of the four is not taking anything personally. This is a hard one yet I also feel is an easy and freeing one. If we can remove ourselves from any situation and look at it from an outsider perspective, this is where we can detach from circumstances and outcomes and allow things to be as they are.

Not taking things personally can be a challenge to those that are feel the world revolves around them, those that have many other’s lives involved in their own, are generally insecure or for those that feel everything bad always happens to them. Those with a “victim” like mentality or insecure nature can struggle with this. This is something that needs to shift from a “why me” destructive thought pattern to a “what can I learn” or “is this just the other person’s current way of being?” productive thought pattern. It will take a bit of time for this shift, but it is such a liberating change.


The truth is… there is very little in the world that should be taken personally and even in those cases where fault may be a part, it is an opportunity for learning and growth. Things usually are about where each individual is in a circumstance or situation, not just one person. For example, if you trusted someone with a secret and then come to find out that everyone now knows what you were trying to keep secret… one could say “Why me? Can’t I trust anyone?”. Or one could think, “Did they dishonor me because they don’t like me?” The reality in the situation is that the person that was trusted is the one with the issue. However, maybe they told the secret out of love and wanting to help. Or maybe they did it just because they don’t know how to keep their mouth shut. Either way, we entrust others with secrets, ideas, thoughts, dreams and so on. We are making the choice to trust. If it is betrayed, maybe we should look at what we are attracting to ourselves in life as a possible lesson… but mostly, this isn’t a fault of yours for trusting. It is on the other person for not being trustworthy. Does this mean that you should be raging mad at them? You could be, but that is part of taking it personally instead of understanding it with love and detachment.

Trying to find the reason in anything is best by practicing detachment and then applying love to the idea. As we pull ourselves out of the immediate situation and look at it from a more outside perspective, things can be seen with more clarity and less things can be taken personally. Best of luck as you continue this transformative journey! I know that each week we are all closer to a more whole, happier version of ourselves. Give yourself a hug or pat on the back for all your weeks of hard work! This week ahead promises some good, life-long changes!








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