Week 33: Say “I Love You” More Often

I want to continue to review all that we have accomplished. We have continued to eliminate negative thinking, label read, recognize the importance of breathing, add positive affirmations into our daily lives, eliminate high fructose corn syrup (fructose as well) & dyes from our diet, sit in silence within nature for 30 minutes a day, set goals in our lives, eliminate preservatives from the diet, practice forgiveness, offer an attitude to gratitude, drink a glass of water each morning before we put anything into our bodies, offer more love to others in our life, eat more raw foods, let go of preconceived ideas, be impeccable with our word, drink half our body weight in ounces of water, made a personal mission statement, rest for 20 minutes a day, eliminate sugar & substitutes, not take things personally, look for the positive in others, take a 30 minute walk every day, find our own personal truth, practice being better listeners, reduce our daily meat consumption overall, laugh more often, look for the positive in all situation, eat only pure & clean meats when eating meat, not make assumptions, practice something that stimulates your brain, juice a few days throughout the week and this week we are going to say “I love you” more often.

Love is the most healing expression in the world. We have heard the phrase “all you need is love” to which can be true in many circumstances. Just the expression of love alone would create world peace, end all wars, heal all insecurities, vanish loneliness. Love can do a multitude of things and is the most powerful of all emotions. Love can make us crazy and do irrational things. Love can make us do things that are unloving to ourselves. Love can have so many layers but when practiced with purity, it is the answer to everything.


All of us have relationships in our lives that we value. We may be blessed to have a significant other that we cherish, children that are the apples of our eye, family members that have been there for you no matter what and friends that over times became closer than even some family members. Look at the blessed relationships in your life and let them know your love for them. Let them know that they hold value in your heart. That you tremendously care about their well-being and they are expressions of love in your life.

Then there is relationship love. I have the experiences of being in a few serious relationships. Each one taught me something about myself and something that I needed to change within me so I could be with someone that mimicked my energy and values in life. Each person I had a sense of love for, but I also learned how different love could feel each time. Today, I am honored to say that I am with my best friend of 15 years and man of my dreams in almost all ways. We alone have a crazy story of friendship turning into love, distance creating years of a gap of togetherness and then being reunited by love after all we had both been through over the years. It is synchronistic and I love our story even though I wish in ways I could have those missed years back.

For me, love is where I see the beginning of abundance in my life. Mostly now as a mother to my children and a partner to Zak. I do not feel a shortage of love in my life thanks to my three beautiful daughters, Zak, the 2 dogs that love me unconditionally and other members of my family. I see the other blessings that I have in life in addition to love. I recognize my home that my family creates as our sacred space. I see the two offices I have that I am blessed to serve the public in health and in life. I notice the wonderful food that we eat and how it nurtures our bodies. I see so many things in my life that I give thanks for that it can’t be anything but abundance manifesting in my life. All of this because I am inspired while being in love with my life!

This week, see where the love fuels you in life. Offer it thanks but also the recognition of love. If it is a person, say it to them. If it is something that inspires you, feel the love inside of you. Start to fill your life each day with more love in your heart. It is a much better way to carry out life than to hold onto what should have been said or should have been appreciated.

Good luck as you continue this transformative journey! I know that each week we are all closer to a more whole, happier version of ourselves. Give yourself a hug or pat on the back for all your weeks of hard work!










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