The “New You in 52!” program is designed to help someone wanting to achieve a better way of living but they may not know where to start, feel it can be overwhelming, do not have a support team and more. It is aimed towards those wanting to start from their current way of living to making gradual weekly changes versus trying to change everything overnight. When this is the case, we often succeed for a period of time and then go right back to the old, unhealthy way of living. This is designed to allow the gradual changes so that way your nervous system is not overwhelmed and is therefore able to make more permanent, life long changes!

I am doing this program week by week with everyone. Even though I am a doctor and I know what all the pillars of health are, that doesn’t mean that I don’t fall off the wagon from time to time. Honesty, since moving to the country in Tennessee, I have felt lost and not sure on how to achieve what has ben my normal way of health as far as my diet & exercise is concerned. I have slacked in ways, improved in others but no matter what, I am needing to step it up!

If you are ready to try something different, something uplifting, something with support and something new… the New You in 52! is for you!