Dr. Jamie Galperin


Dr. Jamie Galperin was born in Dayton, Ohio where she later attended her undergraduate, pre-medicine studies at Wright State University. After completing those studies in 2002, she moved to Marietta, Georgia to start graduate school at Life University. In 2006, she graduated from chiropractic studies with honors.

Dr. Jamie has been adjusting for over 10 years, has been in practice since 2006 when she opened her first pediatric/pregnancy/family based practice in Decatur, Georgia… just outside Atlanta. She moved to Spain in January 2011, practiced there for awhile before moving to Tennessee at the end of 2012 to help a family member avoid back surgery. Thanks to her years of experience, Dr. Jamie offers a variety of chiropractic techniques, hands-on gentle adjusting and overall lifestyle coaching… all suitable to each individual’s needs.

Dr. Jamie is a mother, chiropractor, lifestyle coach, public health educator, director of SAGE (a child based cancer non-profit organization), published author, community service participant and life enthusiast. She is honored to serve you and your family in health and life!

For more information on SAGE and helping those heal with cancer, please visit www.sophiasamor.com.